Accurate and scalable
Grid Enhancing Technology

Ambient Adjusted Ratings

Unlock additional grid capacity with hourly line ratings based on ambient conditions. Grid Raven ensures safety by identifying hours in which there is no wind at all and reducing ratings in such times. Ratings are calculated based on IEEE and CIGRE methodologies and are provided as an hourly forecast up to 10 days ahead.

Real time and forecast
Emergency ratings
Easy to implement
Field with power lines going into the horizon
Power lines on a rocky cliff on a cloudy day

Dynamic Line Ratings

Make the most of your existing grid by increasing grid capacity when it's windy. Grid Raven models wind at the meter scale. This ensures accuracy even in complex terrain such as hills, forests and built areas. Our license covers your full network from day one, so you can upgrade line ratings at your own pace.

Hyper-local weather
Wind with AI
Full network in one go
Always available

The technology behind our solutions

Hyper-local weather and wind model

Grid Raven employs machine learning for downscaling numerical weather predictions to specific locations. Landscape and terrain information is gathered from satellite and LiDAR data and the model learns how weather is affected by trees, buildings and hills.

Weather locations around the globe

Grid Raven’s machine learning models train on more than 25,000 weather station data sets from around the world.

Curious about the technology?

Read our documents for more information.

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