Maximize Capacity

Accurate Weather Forecast

Our machine learning model predicts weather with span-level accuracy by accounting for detailed terrain along the power line.

Accurate Line Ratings

Line capacities are increased when it's cool or windy and reduced when it's hot and still. IEEE and CIGRE methodologies are followed for calculating line ratings for each span of your line.

Review Static Ratings

Grid Raven offers the additional option of reviewing the safety limits on your network.

Process LiDAR and Satellite Data

We process available LiDAR data and identify all clearance violations.

Digital Twin of Your Power Lines

We undertake advanced sag modelling to determine the safe maximum operating temperature for each span of your network.

What does FERC Order 881 require?

How do you ensure that your line ratings are safe?

What is unique about Grid Raven?

GridRaven CEO Georg Rute

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